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Santa’s Office is a wholesaler that specializes in commercial activities around the Christmas period. Originated from the philosophy ‘Christmas without hassle, we fix it’, has grown into a serious player in the industry.

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Our philosophy

Since the future is very important to us, we also think about the sustainable deployability of our concepts. For example, we plant trees every year, we donate surpluses to charities, and we want to inspire entrepreneurs to do their own business. Local involvement is very important to us, which is why we sponsor various projects.

How we work

Santa’s Office consists of multiple business concepts. A Christmas tree wholesaler, Christmas decoration rental, and various other Christmas concepts. Atmosphere is important to us in everything we do. That is why we do everything we can to extend the two days that Christmas normally lasts to a period where we can enjoy this feeling of togetherness for longer.

“Christmas without hassle, we fix it.”

With Santa’s Office we develop various concepts in which we focus on working together with other (local) entrepreneurs. For example, last year we franchised our concept to more than 50 locations in collaboration with various entrepreneurs who also wanted to sell Christmas trees.

In the media

We are extremely proud that we have been able to establish a good reputation in the world of Christmas in a short time. Our customers know how to find us both nationally and internationally. This makes us very proud.

Siv van Hegelsom

Owner / Director - Santa's Office

With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Siv van Hegelsom has dived into the commercial world of Christmas. His experience as a marketing consultant and concept developer can be seen in the collaboration with our customers.

Christmas without the hassle

Christmas should be a hassle free time as it is often very busy in business during this time. From this philosophy, Santa’s Office was founded as a Christmas company that would support companies in this busy time.

However, the entrepreneurial blood crept where it couldn’t go during the pandemic, and within no time the business activities were expanded with, among other things, the wholesale of Christmas trees. The goal was simple: to help companies in difficult circumstances get through the winter by selling Christmas trees.

Christmas tree exporter

In the first year, approximately 15 sales locations were set up from a franchise module. This has only expanded in recent years. Not only are our numbers growing, but we are also developing strongly as a Christmas tree exporter.

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Christmas without the hassle, that should be arranged quickly, right?

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