Wholesaler of Christmas trees

As a Christmas tree wholesaler, we supply Christmas trees in different families and sizes. Our main focus is on Nordmann sales. The official name is ‘Abies Nordmanniana’. A Nordmann also has different ‘genes’, which means that they also have different types of needles. Within the Nordmann family we have chosen the ‘Ambrolauri’ type, which has the most beautiful color and needle thickness.

Wholesaler of Christmas trees

Christmas trees from Denmark

For the origin of our Christmas trees, we have specifically chosen Christmas trees from Denmark. In addition to the quality of the soil and the climate that prevails there, the Christmas trees may be treated differently than the trees in Germany or the Netherlands, which benefits the quality.

Import Christmas trees without the hassle

As a Christmas company, we work with a clear philosophy, namely: Christmas without hassle, arranged in no time. This also applies to our philosophy regarding Christmas trees, namely:

– We call on the day of delivery
– We’ll talk aboutthe quality.
– You can also buy your upsell options directly from us
– Think, for example, of Christmas balls, Christmas lights or Christmas tree food
– You can also buy the easyfix standards from us
– You only need one supplier to set up your Christmas tree sale
– If you want you can visit the fields in Denmark

Import Christmas trees

As a Christmas tree wholesaler, we offer trading companies, merchants and other wholsalers the option to import Christmas trees in various sizes and families. We help entrepreneurs do what they are good at – whether selling trees or creating atmosphere. As a wholesaler in Christmas trees, we think along in solutions, offer good prices, and are focused on cooperation.

Wholesale Christmas trees

Wholesale prices

Transparency is very important, which is why we have our prices online. In addition to the prices below, we also offer options for smaller trees, with or without pot, and trees up to 3.00m. Do you already want to rent or buy Christmas decorations? Even then you have come to the right place.

Christmas trees transport

Import Christmas Trees

All prices on the website do not include transport prices.

Please contact us for more information about transport. Prices are currently highly subject to change due to the rising diesel price. Depending on how many Christmas trees you’ll import, you will also need a number of pallets. There are between 75 and 150 Christmas trees on a pallet, depending on the length of the trees.

Wholesale Christmas trees

Other Christmas trees

The above prices apply to Nordmann. In addition to Nordmann, we can also supply other Christmas trees in various sizes, eg. Abies Omorika – Abies Fraseri – Picea Abies – Blue spruce.

Options for cut or potted.

Nordmann - Kerstbomen inkopen - Groothandel Kerstbomen - Santa's Office - 09
Nordmann - Kerstbomen inkopen - Groothandel Kerstbomen - Santa's Office - 05
Nordmann - Kerstbomen inkopen - Groothandel Kerstbomen - Santa's Office - 01

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